Our Story

An Entrepreneurial Spirit is Born

After graduating from UCSB in June, 2000 with a business economics degree, President and founder Kim Pothe began preparing for the CPA exam. In the course of her study, she noticed a lack of payroll curriculum. She continued studying for the exam, but often caught herself thinking about starting a payroll service to fill this niche in the accounting industry. Additionally, the thought of sitting in a cube, counting beans all day, working for corporate America, continued to sound less and less appealing. She always knew she wanted to work for herself—so she figured, why wait? Half way through her CPA exam prep, Kim Pothe started SBF payroll service.

The Beginning of SBF Payroll

It was late 2000, and SBF was a young and promising new enterprise. The early years were definitely the most exciting. Giving herself no option of failure, Kim Pothe and her fiancé hit the streets. They set out and talked to as many business owners as they could during the day, and at night put SBF brochures under the door of every business in town. It wasn’t long before the phone started ringing. Three months later Kim and her partner were contacted by a local CPA firm interested in referring all of their clients to SBF. From this first relationship, referrals started flooding in. Realizing this would become a key to their growth and development strategy, SBF began forming strategic relationships with other local CPA’s.

SBF was off and running.

Key Decisions and Breakthrough

A key strategy which led to the success of SBF was developing comprehensive procedures for all day-to-day operations of the business. This enabled the business with relative autonomy, providing Kim with the time and resources to focus on business development.

A breakthrough moment for SBF Payroll was when the couple realized what a huge difference there was between being self-employed and being a business owner. Understanding the importance of working on the business rather than in the business – made all the difference in the world.

The Future of SBF Payroll Moments

  • Paperless payroll
  • Superior, local service
  • Nationwide

While competitors offer low pricing options, SBF seeks to expand real payroll services—focused on the overall needs of the client, rather than price alone—with apparent “innovations” like service, personal touch, customization, and convenience, the ability to reach a live person, standing behind our service, and focusing on local companies versus large corporate conglomerates. At SBF, the price advantage is the frosting on the cake of superior service. It is that culture and philosophy that SBF Payroll will continue to nurture—through the continued development of a Nationwide franchise system.

In the words of founder Kim Pothe: “SBF Payroll Franchise Corporation is dedicated to developing a nationwide network of professional payroll service providers with the most advanced technical training, marketing tools and ongoing support available. We strive to give the client the best service for the best value while never losing that personal touch.”